Thursday, 10 March 2011

Nature's Architects

I got this book as a Christmas present for my special fella, and he loved it.
{I am still not quite sure if it appealed more to his being an architect or to his hedgehog-y nature}

This little book is quite lovely, filled (as one might expect from books of this kind) with intriguing trivia about the dwelling-making of all sorts of little creatures, and it smells like an attic in early Autumn.
(Yes, I am one of those gals that just has to smell her books)

Unfortunately, most of the plates have long ago parted ways with the little book, however there are some that have stuck ~pardon the pun~around, and most pages are adorned with beautiful black and white photographs and illustrations.



  1. What a fabulous little book!

    Janet xox

    Love the rabbit ;-)

  2. That looks like an awesome book! I love old books like that.

    Your blog is so beautiful!!

  3. i love the smell of books, too. especially aged ones, that have been sitting in dusty little bookstores for ages, just waiting for discovery. love!!