Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Illusionist

I have always had a soft spot for animated films, and was so sad to see them gradually fade away, especially with the introduction of computer generated graphics.
There is something magical about moving pictures, with all of their imperfections and apparent human-factor flaws, that I feel can't be found in today's films anymore.
And perhaps that is why I found The Illusionist to be so charming a film.
The film tells the story of an aging slight-of-hand magician who takes his stage act from Paris to the UK, in hopes of finding a more appreciative audience for his outdated tricks. While performing at an Inn in Scotland, his magic and kindness inspire a young girl to follow him and the two find themselves in Edinburgh.
Apart from being one of the most stunningly beautiful visual arrangements I have seen the last few years, it manages to do just that: touch on how all those little things that we have lost over the years, things that have been pushed aside in favor of 'advancement' and 'progress', somehow still are irreplaceable.
The struggles of working in a dying craft are depicted beautifully, while leaving you with a sweet and sour-y taste, just right for the film's tone.


  1. Exactly my sort of animation!

  2. Oh...I totally agree!

    I don't care for the computer animation either. I really miss the vintage Disney and old style hand drawn cartoon animation.

    Beautiful to watch!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story

    janet xox