Sunday, 20 September 2009

...My Perfect Ending On Any Given Sunday

Today was one of those wonderfully lazy days, during which you take long, relaxing walks, and do nothing much, really, but at the same time it all feels so extremely rewarding, especially after exhausting weeks of moving and settling into new surroundings...
The house is finally starting to come together. Only thing is, the walls are still quite empty,
and the landlord has rather strategically placed hooks in specific spots on each wall ( it almost screams 'hang no more than the prescribed artwork please'), and I can't say I am too pleased over that situation. Empty walls, or walls with just one frame, for that matter, kind of spook me. No idea why.
But it is his flat, and I guess we will have to comply in that area...
So I'll be shopping at Etsy for some rather big prints and/or paintings in order to fill these walls...
In the meantime, back to today, we had a long walk over at the Park (where I forgot to bring the nuts for the squirrels along - sigh, next time, little friends, I promise!) and then we came home and I cooked us a beautiful meal of pumpkin soup, onion quiche and braised sausages with sweet potato mash. And then came desert. It was the first time I was making it, so I was in no way prepared for all its perfection...So when I took the first bite, I knew instantly I simply had to share! It is super easy to make, and as for how lovely, I will let you come back to me on that...I am still swooning over it..:)

You will need (for 6 delicious portions):
600 g strawberries
6 Meringues
300 g Chantilly cream
6 tbspoons strawberry jam
6 tbspoons strawberry ice cream

-To make the Chantilly, whip 300 g heavy (whipping) cream with 150 g suger until it thickens.
-Slice the strawberries
-Break up the meringues roughly
-Take a clear glass (preferably a big one!)
-Place a layer of strawberries, a layer of strawberry jam, some Chantilly cream, meringue pieces, a scoop of ice-cream and repeat...


  1. This dessert sounds and looks yummy!! xoxo

  2. that meal sounds wonderful! the dessert looks even better..thanks for sharing ;-)

  3. Yummy yummy! ;O) Sounds like the perfect Sunday indeed!