Monday, 14 September 2009

Hello From Brighton!!!

Yay! We are finally here, and Brighton is beautiful, and everything I expected it to be so far! This week has been exhausting, as we had to shop for furniture and basic new-home-stuff...but we are starting to settle in, and it is lovely!!! (Photos will come when the place is not filled with boxes, I promise!)

A new painting and a dollie have been added to the wee shop as of this afternoon:


and some of you might remember this gal from a few posts ago, when she was still lacking her coat of varnish...

She Leaves In Autumn, acrylics on canvas, 7 x 10 in.

I hope your Autumn is wonderful and full of crispy golden leaves so far!!!


  1. Your dollie is very cute, and I love the skirt made of leaves in the painting!
    Moving and creating, you must be a great multi-tasker :-)

  2. OMG..I'm so out of the loop...when did you move..where to and where from!!!!

  3. Hey! There you are! Nice to hear that you are good and starting to get settled in Brighton... oh! I do miss a lot England sometimes!!! Wish you the best over there! (your dollie is just too cte!) ;O)

  4. Best Wishes with your move ~ sounds like you are settling in nicely!