Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Outcast

“Seek Love in the pity of others' woe,
In the gentle relief of another's care,
In the darkness of night and the winter's snow,
In the naked and outcast, seek Love there!”
William Blake

We all have felt like this sometimes, and all one really needs when feeling like this is the company of a warm embrace and a gentle heart...

The Outcast, acrylics on canvas, 7 x 10 in.

The two of them are now in the shop!
Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful!!!!!
    And can I just say, I love, love, love the wall
    hangings, too?
    Fabulous idea and so pretty.

  2. Dark, but sweet. The little black sheep. Outcast, for sure...I really love it! Beautiful piece ;)

  3. I love William Blake! The painting is so cute.