Thursday, 20 August 2009

Inspired By Soft Pastels...

Browsing through Etsy, I stumbled upon these gorgeous items:

1. Gauze Cotton Light Teal 60s/70s Boho Peasant Tunic by RuebiRetro
2. Wristlet no. 49 by awkward
3. The Mon Cherie baby shoes by sugarplumbtree
4. Wild Orchid Earrings by AnnaArtiste
5. RAINEY brown and white tipped feather headband by FeatherBrain
6. Brown Sugar - goat's milk soap by ParadiseBodyShop

And they compliment perfectly my latest painting:

Little Ball Of Yarn, acrylics on canvas, 7 x 10 in.

She is at the little shop, along with these:

These little autumn gals can be used as gift tags, party favors, and (my personal favorite) ornaments!!!

Hope you are having a lovely week so far!


  1. Your packaging is stunning. And the new painting . . . I can't get over the detail in the ball of yarn, and the eyes on your girls always go strait through me. The edging is lovely too. Just all around in love with your work. Per usual!! xo

  2. Oh the patience you must possess for that edging..its great, I love the new piece.
    I am loving cuffs and wristlets right now,
    and the one above is so pretty!

  3. I love your painting!! BTw I am having a giveaway to all friends who are following my blog..

  4. So beautiful! Your paintings are very inspiring!
    Love them all♥
    Boho Market

  5. Once again a really beautiful painting! I love the girl's expression and look...