Monday, 22 June 2009

The Sad One

This little orange rascal is my first-ever plushie... My father bought him for me the day I was born, and we have been inseparable since...I named him The Sad One when I was 3 years old, and I was convinced that he was alive. This had very much to do with the fact that once I detached his facial features that weren' t in sync with my aesthetics as a wee one, (notably his nose and tongue) a little hole revealed itself on the place of his tongue. So I knew that it must have been his mouth, and since I could push french fries in it and they disapeared, he must had eaten them, correct?
My, the imagination I had as a little one...
So when we had to take our picture in the kindergarten with what we had crafted that Christmas, of course I brought him along! Now I don't remember why I had that look in my eyes that day, but I am sure I whispered it to his ear...


  1. Hmm. Those big eyes look familiar..
    I wonder where you get your inspiration from?
    hahaha. :)
    Too cute.

  2. Cracking up over the french fry comment...ha..ha...too funny

  3. Oh, that is an adorable picture! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. i still have a little orange dog stuffy my dad gave me when i was born.
    it always looks surprised, since i tore its eyebrows off at some point. ;)
    cute photo!

  5. he he heeeeeeeeee, I loved the thing with the French fries! so good!!! It is a lovely pic indeed! Too sad that I don't have any of my very early dolls... my brother just destroyed them!!! he he heeeeeeeee