Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bookplates Time!

Here is the newest addition to the shop! It is my strong belief that books can indeed take you anywhere...but also can be taken anywhere, especially if you are lending them to friends and family... ( I should know, I am missing several Sandman issues)
Well, no worries! Now you can enjoy and share your books, as these lovely bookplates will help them all come home again!

You will receive 10 of those cuties. They are self-adhesive, have sweet little round corners, and will ship in a flat mailer, inside a sweet little envelope.

Little Sailor Bookplates


  1. Absolutely adorable! The eyes are intense! Love them!

  2. Oh, wow. What a great idea! Very cute.
    Crap! I just remembered how many books
    I have lent out!

  3. Really nice idea! the girl is so pretty..

  4. Bookplates are so useful, I cannot understand why they seemed to have disappeared from the shops some years ago. THESE ones are just too cute :)