Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Craving For Hugs

An adorable rascal of a hedgehog came to live with us yesterday.
I am utterly in love with his clever looking dark eyes, and his arms-wide-open posture...it
is almost as if he is longing to be held at all times...
(I spent the better half of the afternoon holding him close, so I should know)
And his furry (rather than thorny) nature makes him quite the ideal companion, now
that crisp, winter-y days are getting closer :)


  1. Welcome Hedgehog Rascal...you should meet my buddies sometime...bears,bunnies,ferrets, doggies,sock monkeys,otters....i've never quite grown up!

  2. Oh how adorable!
    I totally understand the hugging-factor ;-)
    - Caza