Monday, 1 February 2010

Things To Sweeten My Day...

Happiness truly lies in the simplest of pleasures...

here, let me show you:

We had these yesterday, and they were so good I definitely have to learn to whip up some in the very near future...the top one has a chocolate-orange frosting and a slice of Terry's chocolate, and the bottom one is a Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting...although it is absolutely impossible to describe to you just how mouthwatering delicious they are.

I find myself looking at candy and sweets more and more lately...I am strangely inspired by all the smells, the colours and the textures.


The Apple Of My Eyes, acrylics on canvas, 5 x 7 in.

Oooh! I almost forgot! This month's giveaway is hosted by the lovely Vanessa!
Here's a peek at what is up for grabs:

For details on how to participate, click here!

Have a lovely February, everyone!


  1. Those sweets look amazing! I love the new painting.

  2. Yumm! It's making my mouth water :-)
    Lovely painting - it looks like a toffee apple on the string

  3. Those treats are very tempting :)

    Your work beautiful as always :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I am having a big "blog Love Fest" on my blog today, sharing the love that was passed on to me last week with 3 blog awards, I wanted to pass one on to you, so I am sharing the love :) T.

  4. Yummy, I love cupcakes, and that is a really awesome painting!

  5. Those cupcakes look delicious and I love your painting!

  6. and i need to catch up on my the time i see your original work, it is already snatched up! so sad i missed this gem and owlalways!

  7. Ali, you are such a sweetie! This painting isn't in the shop yet, so you haven't missed it, it will be part of the next shop update on February 15th!