Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Swap Of Cute

I participated in Katie's craft swap a few days ago, and got teamed up with the lovely Sophie as my swap partner...And I was Christmas-morning excited to receive these in the mail yesterday:

Isn't this adorable? Needless to say, being my quirky self, I immediately fell in love with that drawing/collage that reads: There she stands this lovely creature...Plus that brooch is making me so happy just by looking at it! Thank you so much for everything Sophie, I am wowed by it all!
So now that she has got her package as well, I can go ahead and show you what I made for her without spoiling any surprises, no? Here's the little package I put together for her:



  1. what a wonderful idea..don't you just love finding unexpected packages in the post ;-)

  2. ♥ I adore everything, thank you so much !

  3. Just found your blog and art work via a Google image search. Could I post some of your art on my blog? (I'd include a link to this blog, your name, etc)