Monday, 18 May 2009

On Love of Books

If you are like me, your favourite section in a bookshop is Literary Criticism, or as I like to call them, Books about Books. I find a strange comfort in the writings of people who love reading books as much as I do (and obviously more, since they are willing to confess that love in print). One of these books, and my personal favourite, is Anne Fadiman's Ex Libris, which I purchased in 1999 in Oxford and have since read more than 20 times...It's one of these books that you keep on the bedstand for a quick read before sleep and one that leaves you closing the book with a smile on your face...

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  1. I am not a keen book reader, more a magazine and newspaper reader, will give this book a shot if I can find it! ;o) Cute blog by the way!