Saturday, 24 October 2009

If Lace Was A Color...

It would have to be my favorite one, and it would go so perfectly with everything that is so romantic, and soft, and pastel, and vintage inspired...I am slowly but surely developing a love of all things soft to both the eye and the touch, and I can hardly wait for crisp winter mornings that call for luxuriously soft wools and wind-stricken scarves...and even though every other person I know seems to associate winter cladding with dark colors, I am most determined to turn my wardrobe into a pastel, soft, romantic palette this year...

1. Bronze Bloom, hair pin by LittleWhiteDresser
2. Sleeping In Sunlight, earrings by FireBirdJewellery
3. Breathe, print by Lori411
4. Blue Pearls and Ivory Blooms, necklace by Cultivar

What are your plans for this winter's wardrobe palette?


  1. Lots of colorful embroidery, knee high lace-up boots with great socks, velvet flowers for my hair and fingerless mittens.

    I love your winter white anthology! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous collection! I love the soft dreamy warmth of these colours, it's perfect for those cold winter months... Thanks so much for featuring my earrings!

  3. lovely collection! I hope to acquire another Pendleton wool vintage goodie and a new knitted creamy or muted toned chunky scarf & hat :)

  4. I adore pale colors for Blossom pink cowl in my etsy shop and blog are evidence that it works beautifully. After all...isn't snow white? You cannot get much softer or paler than that ;-)

  5. Winter has just finished here and I wore as many bright colours as I could find. Lots of clashing :-)

  6. Oooh, I would love to have seen that clashing! I am pretty certain that it would be of the most intriguing and surprising sort!