The Little Fox (aka Despina) is a picture crafter, imagination enthusiast, and daydreamer based in the UK.  She currently lives in a small fox hole with her special fella and their Siamese cat.

She spent her childhood (although she never really grew up) drawing, reading, and weaving her own fairy tales.  As an only child, she had too many questions for her poor parents, and one too many curious thoughts and ideas.

Years later, when her forever-child-of-a-soul awkwardly found itself in a grown-up's body,
those curious thoughts and ideas started taking form and little by little they became pictures, and in early 2009, she created The Little Fox, (after her favourite character from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince) an online emporium of her art, paper goods, jewellery and etceteras.

She now spends (most of) her days (and nights) in her little cozy studio, surrounded by vintage children's books and toys, her beloved Blythe dolls, old fairy tales, and listening to music from the 20s and 30s.